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Ooohhh :)

  • Posted by teacup October 10, 2010
  • Recommended for Gamers or Parents

With its strange name and childish icon, Soosiz doesn't quite announce its colors. Aside from being one of the best platformers on iPhone, it is fun, benefits beautifully simple graphics, an engaging introduction and really simple, yet innovative gameplay.

We get to jump from platform (sorry, "planet") to platform as the screen... rotates to match the ever changing orientation of the scene. This welcome twist sets the game apart, so much so that you should definitely try the lite just to see it.

Soosiz has power ups, 'a la mario' villains to jump on and lost buddies to collect - for best effect, filing behind us as we go.

A cool platformer that seduces without imposing nostalgia and will especially seduce a younger audience.

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