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Jetpack Joyride

  • iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch
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4.5 of 5 bars
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Must Have Game

One touch control makes it super easy to play... though watch out as you speed up it gets incredibly hard... overall making this game incredibly addicting!

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My favourite iPhone game

  • Posted by cooliodoc August 21, 2012
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The guys at half brick really did a great job with Jet Pack Joyride and they keep releasing free updates! Definitely has the best elements of a quick to play randomly generated levels type of game.

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Love this game

  • Posted by albertc July 17, 2012
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First learned about Jetpack Joyride at WWDC and have been playing it ever since. It's one of the few games that I've dropped a couple bucks on in-app purchases. Love the different achievements... there's something strangely addictive about them.

Definitely recommend this game to people who are looking for something different from Angry Birds or Temple Run.

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  • Posted by natrodgers July 05, 2012
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I usually stay away from games, especially paid ones. My friend recommended Jetpack JoyRide and it is currently one of my faves. The gameplay is addicting!

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A big beast of iPhone apps

  • Posted by johantetzel April 15, 2012
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A monster super-addictive game that i couldn't put down! I actually had to wait a month for the increase in missions after 'Barry'!!

Really enjoyed the zany missions and the beautifully simple gameplay that you can operate with one hand. The really awesome idea is to have the in-app store for buying outfits for barry!!

Also: If you love this, you'll definitely love Bankers vs Humans. Very similar gameplay and concept.

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Not a fan

  • Posted by teacup December 29, 2011

A gimmicky remake of endless running games a la Canabalt.
I'm not sure what the many features add to the game. IMHO the so called missions aren't a big plus and this kind of game will be fun if it is stylish and gameplay is well balanced. I find it hard to play, a little bit too much of a random ride to my taste.

I already wasn't a huge fan of Monster Dash, so maybe I don't have mr Steakfries under my skin.

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The way Jetpacks should be!

  • Posted by agentcoco September 03, 2011
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This is a fast paced and very addictive game that will keep you entertained for hours!

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  • Posted by Deleted User September 01, 2011
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A very simple concept but executed well makes this an addictive little game.

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