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Hard Enough for the MENSA Crowd, Suitable for All

  • Posted by Appency August 07, 2010
  • Recommended for Book Readers, Gamers or Parents

Word Game? Hidden Object Game? Brain Teaser? I don't know what to call this game, but whatever it is, its amazing! The app is based off of the 1986 book of the same name, a beautiful book that I have in my house by author and illustrator Mike Wilks. Pretty sure it was a NY Times best seller. It IS a hidden objects game by definition because you are searching for things, but theres a crazy twist - you dont know what you are looking for! Most hidden object games give you a list of things to look for and you find them, its just about what you see. This game is based on the Alphabet - on the first level you are looking for all things that start with the letter A - sometimes the same picture can have six or seven words associated with it! Ive been doing much better so far with B than I did with A. Even then, I have only gotten 42 out of the 547. Id be doing better if I was a better speller or had a physical dictionary by my side. Ive discovered that the BREAD is also BARLEY, one of which is covered in BUTTER (however none of the bread is BRAN nor does BAKED GOODS work). I also noticed that the BOLT is BROKEN.

From what I have seen there is a contest for whoever can get them all without using hints, of which I have already lost. The hints are nice though, there are enough hints that anyone can play the game, and it will help increase your vocabulary.

Ill be lost for a few hours in this one today!

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