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Pirate's Treasure


by Chillingo Ltd
Download this app if: you want an eye patch, shoot things, and to go on an adventARRRR!


Advisor Review

Yarrrgh! Pirate’s Treasure iPhone game delights — Pirate's Treasure ($1.99) brings a great measure of cohesiveness to the shooter/adventure iPhone game genre that, combined with a solid upgrade system and decent gameplay, makes for a quite an enjoyable gaming experience. In suggesting that there is a great amount of structure found in Pirate's...

Developer Notes

50% OFF TO CELEBRATE THE MASSIVE UPDATE!!! The publisher behind Minigore returns with a dual-stick gold doubloon! Don an eye-patch, peg-leg and muskets on an action-packed romp through Treasure Island. Pirates, ye be warned!

As beautiful as Treasure Island is, you wouldn’t want to holiday there....