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Pixel Fighter

  • Posted by teacup March 16, 2011
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Originally, Street Fighter IV came out on iOS at $10. It was kind of pricey, but that wasn't the main issue.

At the time of writing this is on sale to support 'tsunami relief' in Japan, so it's absolutely the best time to get it.

This is a really cool fighting game, no doubt. However...

Check out SFIV at a game arcade and you'll understand what I mean. This is SFIV after it's been 'ironed' (2D-fied) to fit a mobile format(???), as Capcom decided not to bother adapt the 3D version, they converted everything to low quality sprite-sheets and blurred out the background.

While this would look outstanding on an old feature phone, it doesn't even do justice to an iPod touch 2nd Gen, let alone my iPhone 4 - (no support for retina display).

Street Fighter is a legend. Legends aren't born as half-hearted mobile adaptations of arcade hits. While some publishers are constantly pushing the limits of mobile 3D, Capcom seem busy pretending there's no horsepower in our phones. Pity.

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