Developer's Notes for: Bosworth

Developer's Notes

Finally! A Reversi (aka Othello) style game that can be played by three players!!!

Bosworth follows the same basic rules of Reversi. Players take turns claiming spaces on the game board while capturing spaces occupied by their opponent. Unlike its predecessors, Bosworth is played with hex-shaped spaces and a unique 91 space board. Special rules are used to control the center hex space, which changes dynamically throughout the game. The strategy to win the game is constantly changing!

Game Features:

- One, two, or three player modes
- Face off against one or two opponents
- Play against the computer, friends, or any combination of the two
- Animated pieces complete with sound effects
- Scoreboard to show the number of spaces each player has captured
- Auto-save game feature for incoming calls and whenever a break is needed
- Listen to in-game music or music from your iPod library
- Customize behavior of the powerful Center Hex
- Option to show the moves each player has available

Whether you’re a fan of regular Reversi, an expert looking for an exciting twist, or a gamer just looking for a new challenge, Bosworth is for you!!!

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