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Gizmodo says Verizon iPhone announcement is happening Tuesday

by Phil Hornshaw

After all the rumors, innuendo, anonymous sources and random pieces of hardware that have been scattered across the Internet, a pretty reliable authority -- tech site Gizmodo -- thinks Tuesday is the day for the Verizon (VZ) iPhone announcement.

We’re inclined to believe them.

Update: The Wall Street Journal is confirming the Verizon iPhone announcement this Tuesday.

We’ve been hearing some interesting things from the Apple (AAPL) camp, even though Verizon’s press show at the Consumer Electronics Show 2011 in Las Vegas came and went with nary a mention of Apple or the iPhone. Other sites have been reporting that Apple has instituted a vacation freeze for the three weeks at the end of January and beginning of February, which suggest a coming product announcement. Holiday temporary staff in Apple Stores have been kept around, as well, apparently.

Gizmodo says invites to a big Verizon event have been making the rounds of well-known tech bloggers, specifically those who do some writing about Apple. The New York Times is reporting with anonymous sources that Verizon is about to add the iPhone. Gizmodo figures the reason it wasn’t invited to the announcement (they’re in pretty well with Verizon and go to all the company’s events) is because Steve Jobs is still a little upset about Gizmodo finding that iPhone 4 in a bar and slapping it up on the Internet. Remember that?

So that’s the rundown. Gizmodo says Verizon iPhone on Tuesday, with some pretty sound logic -- and you can be certain we’ll let you know then just exactly what’s up.