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2D Sense

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2.0 of 5 bars
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Curiosity satisfied

  • Posted by Lillian2611 January 09, 2010
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The other day I received an email from a friend and at the bottom of his message there was one of those funky square things that work like bar codes. They look like an image that's been so overblown it's become a pixelated mess. Know the kind I mean? Anyway, I wanted to know what it meant. And just in time, Appsaurus gave me the exact tool I needed: 2D Sense. I took a photo of the 2D code, 2D Sense did its thing and very quickly presented me with its interpretation.
Now, it turned out that the 2D image was nothing but gobbledygook (except for my friend's name at the end), but I'm fairly confident the interpretation was correct.
Since I can't be sure - and haven't found other 2D codes to test, yet - and since the app did what I needed it to do, I'm keeping it on my phone and rating it five bars.

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