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by Cultured Code GmbH & Co. KG
Download this app if: you want a task manager that's simple to use.


Advisor Review

Usefulness of Things iPhone app dependent on how you use it — Things ($9.99) is a task management iPhone app with some pros and cons, and is only worth your money if you use it consistently. First, the pros. Things allows you to sort your tasks into five lists and apply tags. Lists include: Today, Next, Scheduled, Someday and Projects. This feature is...

Developer Notes

Things has been selected by Apple as FREE APP OF THE WEEK for Thanksgiving. Download the app for free before November 28 and save $9.99 (US)!

Things for iPad is also free this week as a separate download, and you can get Things for Mac at a 30% discount...


The only ToDo app I've kept using - ideal for sales road warriors — Here's the crucial step so many sales people forget about: follow-up! Follow-up is the instrument to continue your bonding. Statistics say that only 3% of all people "buy now". That means that for 97% will buy sometime in the future - making follow-up essential! When the times comes for the...