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Diacarta Planner

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Beautiful design at the cost of usability

  • Posted by rachely July 19, 2010
  • Recommended for Gamers, Students or Tech/Social Networking Junkies

I stumbled across this app on NotCot, one of my favorite and most trusted design blogs. I was intrigued to see the developer's take on what I see as an emerging app store trend of taking app genre's (such as calendar planning) that are traditionally very plain and utilitarian looking and making them look beautiful. We've seen this before in Appiction app Security Organizer. The app is indeed beautiful, but I'll say that in use it was not as intuitive as I had hoped and took me quite a bit of stumbling around before I really got the hang of using the app. This app will really speak to a certain demographic, juts as Security Organizer does, but for real business users who need to be able to share calendars and synch them online it is not going to be practical. The icon markers remind me a lot of the sticker pages that came with my calendar as a child, but some of them in this app are so abstract I'm not sure what they mean and scrolling through them and finding the right one takes time. I'm going to give this app a fair shake, I love visualizing my day, but I don't enjoy taking ten minutes out of it just to stumble through my calendar.

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