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Oh I wanna...

  • Posted by jessicadally September 12, 2011
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Likely anyone who is reading this has seen the ads for this app. The cute newlywed couple sitting in bed scanning in the checks they received as wedding gifts and having them automagically deposited to their account without having to go to the bank in person. And that function alone makes this app truly revolutionary.

While I don't currently have a bank account with Chase the ability to scan in those snail mail checks from contracting gigs so I don't have to go to my credit union (which I love but is definitely out of the way) makes switching banks very tempting.

I do have a credit card with Chase and use this app to track my balance and purchases. I can even pay my credit card from my bank (Chase or not), see my payment history and the like. From what I can see credit card wise this app is the online site in mobile form. Nothing seems to be missing.

But really the boon for Chase and for you (especially if you're either a traveller, a contractor or just someone who needs to make deposits and doesn't want to go somewhere) is the ability to deposit from your phone. Amazing work and amazing app. I'm tempted Chase. Very tempted.

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