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Elementary - Social Studies (US History)  by Alline

Alline says: The DIRECTORY OF EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES ON THE WEB ( is now expanding to include apps for education. These apps introduce US History. Unfortunately I have found that there isn't always "an app for that".... DEVELOPERS: I am looking for other History Apps - Indus Valley, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, Roman Empire, Middle Ages, Renaissance, Industrial Revolution, Age of Exploration, WWI, WWII for Elementary students etc...



I would also add Westward Expansion app, Early Jamestown, Pass the Past, and World Book This Day in History apps to your list. Thanks for sharing your app lists online.

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If you are willing to consider an Android phone, Georeader is a great history app that students can contribute to and learn from. They can also use the website to participate if they don't have a phone.

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I recommend this Timeline Eons app, a graphic representation of the entire natural and human history:

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