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Preschool - Letters & Sounds  by Alline

Alline says: The DIRECTORY OF EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES ON THE WEB ( is now expanding to include apps for education. These games promote letter recognition and sounds. Most are FREE others are really worth buying! Children love variety!



Some great apps on your list. My daughter loves Tiny Garden particularly as she can record her voice and build her confidence speaking

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Have you had a chance to try out Alphabet Photo Machine? It has beautiful photos and lets children go to whichever letter of the alphabet they'd like to learn new words by seeing and hearing words and images together. It's especially good with the large iPad interface but works with iPod Touch as well.

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I've got Pocket Phonics, and as teaching phonics goes, it's pretty comprehensive. Both my son and ESL kids get bored of it quickly though, and the praise sounds are actually a bit scary, especially when it says 'wonderful'.

Word Cub is less comprehensive, but it was a hit with kids.

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