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Steve's iPad Audio apps  by steveh01

steveh01 says: These iPad apps let you stream audio to your iPad.
steveh01's picks
  1. Pandora - Free Music & Radio
    Pandora - Free Music & Radio The gold standard of music track streaming. Custom make your own radio stations.
  2. AccuRadio - Free Internet Radio
    AccuRadio - Free Internet Radio Stream track-based radio stations your your iPad. You can pick which artists to include/exclude.
  3. TuneIn Radio Pro
    TuneIn Radio Pro The best app for live radio stations. Great interface and option to record.
  4. Spotify Music
    Spotify Music Most of the music there is. Subscription based but Radio part is free.
  5. Slacker Radio
    Slacker Radio Genre based music.
  6. SoundHound ∞ + LiveLyrics | Search, Discover and Play Music
    SoundHound ∞ + LiveLyrics | Search, Discover and Play Music Look up music info on songs by listening, humming or typing info.
  7. Stitcher Radio for Podcasts
    Stitcher Radio for Podcasts Listen to podcasts from TWIT.COM.
  8. Songza
    Songza Genre based music.
  9. gMusic: For iOS 6
    gMusic: For iOS 6 Stream your tunes from your computer to your iPad/iPhone.
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