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iPhone Apps for a Long Plane or Car Ride  by sharakarasic

sharakarasic says: We get asked all the time what the best apps are for a long plane or car ride, that will keep you busy from departure to arrival. Here are our suggestions.
sharakarasic's picks
  1. Plants vs. Zombies
    Plants vs. Zombies Stem a zombie attack on your home. Amazing 5-star gameplay progression with 50 levels and 26 kinds of zombies will occupy you from JFK to LAX. @ngracilla calls this: "Outstanding. Time-killer." @travelfish "downloaded this on a whim and lost a couple of days as a result. "
    SCRABBLE Play this classic word game against the computer or the person sitting next to you. Appolicious writer Kathryn Schwartz says: "I could see this app being a great time-occupier for children on a long car trip." Just hope your iPhone battery doesn't run out!
  3. Angry Birds
    Angry Birds @Revenant says: "Trying to figure out how to do in every despicable green pig was challenging, and loads of fun" and "My wife stayed up till 4:30 on a few nights trying to get three stars on every level, fortunately she dropped that after dragging herself through a couple sleepy days..." @Bullie4u explains: "This is one of my favorite games - increasing level of difficulty - hours of fun every day - have to force myself to put it down!" Should be good if you need to kill several hours.
  4. Labyrinth 2
    Labyrinth 2 This game mimics the old one that was a wooden box with a maze on top and two knobs on the sides to direct a metal marble around holes and all the way to the end. With lots of levels loaded with complex pitfalls, you won't even notice the turbulence while you play. Keep your seat belts fastened.



I am inspired to make my own airplane list, since I just got back from a long plane trip and my iPad was the best thing ever!

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