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Never forget a birthday again!  by jenniferbeese

jenniferbeese says: I'm horrible with dates (and names, numbers and letters.) I hate when I realize a birthday is tomorrow and I don't have a card or a gift - or worse! When I forget a birthday entirely. iPhone to the rescue! With these apps, I'll never forget a birthday again.
jenniferbeese's picks
  1. Occasions: Birthdays & More!
    Occasions: Birthdays & More! It'll be impossible to forget! (Unless your phone is off!) Occasions syncs your Facebook friends birthdays with your iPhone calendar. Comes with push notifications.
  2. Birthday Calendar Classic
    Birthday Calendar Classic This app syncs your birthdays, events and contacts between Facebook and your iPhone. You can set up alerts days before the actual event or birthday takes place. You can even text, email, call or post a message on the birthday girl or guy's wall.
  3. Past Events: What happened on your birthday?
    Past Events: What happened on your birthday? What happened on your birthday? - Find out all of the important events that happened on your birthday. Great for sharing random facts!
  4. Birthdays With Push
    Birthdays With Push It's up to you to enter the birthday, but from there, this app will tell you all of the upcoming birthdays, as well as show you a complete list in order of date.



Hello people,

There is a better birthday app on AppStore: eAnniversary.

eAnniversary will let you track: birthdays and anniversaries, with features to remember you and congratulate the other part.

Social networking is also present. Now you can share birthdays and anniversaries with your friends and family in Twitter and Facebook. 

You may also update your Google calendar with eAnniversary data, and a lot more features! Check on:

Best regards,

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