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Top 5 "Pick up and Play" Games  by allyouneediphone

allyouneediphone says: Everyone now and again you have some free time to play a game....this list is my top 5 games that are easy to pick up and start playing, and continue to keep coming back to.
allyouneediphone's picks
  1. Peggle Classic
    Peggle Classic Dont really need a reason if you have ever played Peggle....amazing game with high replay value...easy to pick up anytime you have free time and start back where you left off
  2. Words With Friends
    Words With Friends Basically scrabble for free....with your friends over network...or with random with Push notifications to let you know when its your it!
  3. Super Monkey Ball 2
    Super Monkey Ball 2 If you played the first and dont have this one...get it....easy to pick up and start back from where you left the game
  4. Tangram Puzzle Pro
    Tangram Puzzle Pro Gotta love Tangrams to pass the time....with 100's of puzzles plenty of fun built in.
  5. Hot Dog Down a Hallway
    Hot Dog Down a Hallway Fairly new app....same concept as Kitten Cannon or Monkey bash flash games....easy to play and something to just pick up to challenge your friends with your high scores...mine is 1262...whats yours?



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I like sudoku 2 and a new one called Quoth (May 2011)

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Have you tried Dog Chase? It is really fun but quite challengining too!

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