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Mike's ISTE 2010 Picks  by mamante

mamante says: These are apps that I recommend for all admins who use Apple Mobile Devices whether they are using the iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad!
mamante's picks
  1. Google app — Search made just for mobile
    Google app — Search made just for mobile Provides one tap access to all of Google major web-based apps as well as voice-based search.
  2. Dragon Dictation
    Dragon Dictation Makes it much easier to input text data into the devices, especially for those not comfortable with the touchscreen keyboard.
  3. Doodle: easy scheduling
    Doodle: easy scheduling Provides mobile formatted offline access to this popular web-based meeting website.
  4. Twitter
    Twitter Gives mobile access to the popular, powerful real-time microblogging service for the best PD anywhere, anytime!
  5. Quickoffice® Pro
    Quickoffice® Pro Allows one to create & edit Microsoft Word and Excel documents on your devices while also connecting to cloud-based storage services.
  6. Air Sharing
    Air Sharing Allows you to use your device as a file storage device and also connect you to cloud-based storage services as well.
  7. BeejiveIM with Push
    BeejiveIM with Push Excellent multi-protocol chat client for mobile devices which allows a host of advanced features.
  8. ReelDirector
    ReelDirector Allows you to create impressive videos on a variety of Apple Mobile Devices. Excellent for video editing on the go.
  9. Groups: SMS, Mail and Manage Contacts
    Groups: SMS, Mail and Manage Contacts Excellent app for managing groups, sending group emails, and interacting with your Contacts database in an intuitive powerful way.
  10. Bump
    Bump Great app to always have on your Apple Mobile Device make the exchange of contact info with other device users fun and easy.
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