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Tour de France Free Apps Part 1  by jessicadally

jessicadally says: If you're a bike geek you will be watching the Tour de France, likely the biggest bike race in the world in terms of publicity. These apps will help you stay up to date on the action, participate and help you stay informed so you don't seem like a bike racing noob. This is part one and more lists will be coming including the best paid apps so get ready for the tour NOW!
jessicadally's picks
  1. Official Versus Tour de France
    Official Versus Tour de France Holy cow, see all the action live from the tour this year. It's the official application from Versus who seems to own the rights to the tour this year. You want this app. It's FREEEEE!!!??!!!
  2. Map My Ride - GPS Cycling and Route Tracking with Calorie Counting
    Map My Ride - GPS Cycling and Route Tracking with Calorie Counting Wish you were racing the tour but know that’s not probably going to happen in this lifetime? This free app will let you race the Tour de Cure, an event put together to raise money for the American Diabetes Association. Track your own bike rides and be a part of the Tour and the cure with this free app. You can even win a leader jersey.
  3. Météo Tour France
    Météo Tour France Want to know what the weather will be like for the tour? This free app is for you. Though really, if you have an app to watch the weather for the tour you are a total tour geek.
  4. GW Gallery
    GW Gallery Iconic Cycling images for over 20 years of cycling from Graham Watson. The pictures are beautiful and while it won’t help you know what’s going on right now with the tour it will help you remember tours past.
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