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3 Favorite Adventure iPhone Games  by LanaLang

LanaLang says: Here I've listed the latest and greatest iPhone apps for Adventure gamers!
LanaLang's picks
  1. My Kingdom for the Princess III HD Lite
    My Kingdom for the Princess III HD Lite Great adventure game you might be familiar with. The 3rd version comes with even more new elements of gameplay, more bonuses, artifacts and trophies. Prove that you are worthy of marrying a princess! Pass all the tests and win her love!
  2. Machinarium
    Machinarium Immaculate visual presentation; a wonderful soundtrack; superlative animation; a surprisingly complex narrative; warm humour; intelligent gameplay. Basically, everything you could ask for.
  3. Arranger
    Arranger It's a mini-game collection, a classic adventure and a music game all rolled into one strange-looking package. It's about using the power of music to help people, but also about solving the strangest of problems. It's quirky, but also immensely loveable.
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