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Best Free Video Apps - iOS  by DrLaserfalcon

DrLaserfalcon says: I'm a video junkie - having previously worked as a producer for BBtv, BoingBoing's daily web series. I was also Head of Content for Frequency - another video aggregator.
DrLaserfalcon's picks
  1. Squrl -Effortless video
    Squrl -Effortless video It's like the Skeleton Key of video search. The only app of the lot that searches across YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, AND Vimeo. You can also watch every video posted by friends in your Facebook and Twitter networks. I have found some Netflix gems via Squrl's Netflix Reddit Best Picks that I never would have discovered otherwise. Easy interface, and free to use. A clear winner.
  2. HBO GO
    HBO GO The beauty of the infinite finger-scroll interface captured my attention immediately. I know many a cable-cutter searching far and wide for a friend or relative's Time Warner Cable credentials, just to get access to this app.
  3. YouTube
    YouTube YouTube's brand new iOS app is a very good offering, with a lot more personalization features than we're used to. Still a hopelessly vast wasteland of video - but slightly easier to navigate through.
  4. Matcha - Watch Netflix, Hulu, iTunes, HBO, Amazon, Xfinity and Find Movies & TV
    Matcha - Watch Netflix, Hulu, iTunes, HBO, Amazon, Xfinity and Find Movies & TV Very slick interface and responsive app. While this is a completely free catalog - expect to pay for all content you digest here.
  5. Showyou: Your Internet TV
    Showyou: Your Internet TV Similar to HBO GO in the infinite scrolling surface of thumbnails - a very strong candidate.
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