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Best Apps for the Road Warrior - Without Cloud Storage  by Dominik

Dominik says: Are you a road warrior too? I love doing or preparing most of my work when I am still on the go - using my iPad and iPhone. This list is for all, who want to work while on the go - but whose company or boss rejects cloud storage. Or in other words: for the security enthusiasts.
Dominik's picks
  1. FileSpirit - Mobile File Access to your Computer or Server
    FileSpirit - Mobile File Access to your Computer or Server The ultimate file browser for iPad and iPhone: Easy search, thumbnails of all office documents, coverflow and much more. And all that with direct access to the company file server - without the need to store confidential information on the cloud.
  2. Roambi Analytics
    Roambi Analytics Perfect mobile access to business data and statistics. Beautifully visualized, and with an easy-to-use interface to publish data from excel files.
  3. 37signals Highrise
    37signals Highrise World's easiest CRM - usually webbased, but with an iPhone app that enables mobile access to contact details, tasks and the complete contact history.
  4. Google+ - interests, communities, discovery
    Google+ - interests, communities, discovery Ideal for mobile communication. We love Google+ for video conferencing. Perfect to stay in touch with colleages.
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