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Coolest Zombie Games for iPhone  by LanaLang

LanaLang says: Ugly, creepy and undead zombies... They have proven to be most popular heroes for casual games. If you like playing zombie games on your iDevice as much as I do, you'll get addicted to the games listed below.
LanaLang's picks
  1. Ride A Zombie
    Ride A Zombie This is a simple but addictive game that you can waste some time with. It is an action ride game, in which you have to grab your zombie and ride on it around the city before it's too late! There are 9 characters to choose from, including a Special Wheelchair, and 25 levels to progress.
  2. Tap Zombie
    Tap Zombie Exciting zombie app with a tap gameplay taken to the new level. You mission is to tap and smash zombies before they takeover in the wake of a killer nuclear plant! Great artwork and fun music. Truly challenging score and fast pace of the game make it addictive and hard to give up.
  3. Dangerous Zombie FREE!!!
    Dangerous Zombie FREE!!! Great adventure game to unlock levels by killing all the zombies. Not so easy as it seems and you'll need to challenge yourself to finish the game. Comes with cool graphics and sound effects, awesome gameplay and 40 levels to unlock.
  4. Zombie Ace
    Zombie Ace Zombie Ace is a fun little game that you will likely get hooked on. Your goal is to infect the entire U.S. with the deadly zombie disease while avoiding the resistance and collecting money for powerups along the way. The controls are simple, the graphics are nice, and the game doesn't get boring too fast.
  5. My Pet Zombie
    My Pet Zombie Keep your zombie happy, well-fed, and energized in this game or it'll begrudgingly head back to its grave.
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