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Great apps for a long trip  by xaltd

xaltd says: When I travel, I love to pack books, magazines and entertainment. Apps are a great option for iPhones, iPod Touch and iPads.
xaltd's picks
  1. Netflix
    Netflix Cause you might not have cable in the hotel.
  2. King's Empire: Undying Loyalty (Deluxe)
    King's Empire: Undying Loyalty (Deluxe) Build mages and Royal Knights while you wait in line for security.
  3. Instagram
    Instagram Take photos and pretend your a pro from the 60s!
  4. Flight Tracker
    Flight Tracker Where the h3ll is my plane?!?!
  5. WhatsApp Messenger
    WhatsApp Messenger Text your friends and send photos too... make them jealous!



I like Fun Charades the new iPhone app which brings fashion and art magazine on device.

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