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My new favorite app - News in Two  by newsjunkie

newsjunkie says: into news, politics, "healthy" debate, film, tv, poker. Most of my choices are reflected in my likes.
newsjunkie's picks
  1. The News In 2
    The News In 2 It's a great new way to get the latest stories of the day. The look of the app isn't spectacular, but it's great when I'm in the car and I want to hear the news of the day, without having to wait for the top of the hour and be subjected to listening to some blowhard on talk radio. Its free
  2. ESPN Streak for the Cash
    ESPN Streak for the Cash It's fun way to keep with the latest scores and also lets you pick winners. If you pick enough winners you can win $50,000, and it's free.
  3. AP
    AP Give me all news I need in quick text format.
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