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Storybook iPad apps for my toddler  by LanaLang

LanaLang says: The most interesting and appealing storybook iPad apps, according to my 3-year son's opinion.
LanaLang's picks
  1. SkyPals
    SkyPals This is a creative and educational story for kids from 1 to 6. Its fun characters traveling through sky (Wendy Wind, Randy Rain, Tommy Thunder and Larry Lightning), will give your kid a better understanding of these acts of nature. The book also comes with hidden sound effects, narration and auto play options to keep your child entertained for hours.
  2. The Three Little Pigs by Nosy Crow
    The Three Little Pigs by Nosy Crow This storybook is a charming rendition of the original fairy tale. The story sticks closely to the original but add fun, quirky elements to keep things interesting. The characters are voiced by adorable British children.
  3. The Tree I See - Interactive Storybook
    The Tree I See - Interactive Storybook A nice story about a tree and who is befriended by a boy and the forest animals. It helps improve children's recall ability and working memory. The story comes with nice musical components and subtle reader interactions.



hello Lana, I am mother of two beautiful kids, 5 &3, who love app in the iPad. We have a really sweet bed story time calls "Off to bed!" a perfect book to get your kids sleeping. It has been published by DADA Company.
Now it is special price in App Store :

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