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Must-Have Apps for Traveling in Germany  by LanaLang

LanaLang says: The list iPhone apps that helped me to get around in Germany.
LanaLang's picks
  1. – Taxi App for Europe – Taxi App for Europe This is the perfect taxi app that allows booking a taxi cab all over Germany and Europe without calling an operator. 40000 taxis in more than 60 cities are at your disposal. Comes with multiple useful features: automatic GPS localization, immediate and advance booking, fare calculator, and much more.
  2. BVG FahrInfo Plus Berlin
    BVG FahrInfo Plus Berlin The app offers time table information for the S-Bahn and Underground trains, buses and streetcars in German and English. It also shows the public transportation route networks in Berlin. Very useful!
  3. TripAdvisor Offline City Guides
    TripAdvisor Offline City Guides The most popular city guide with the restaurants, attractions, hotels and reviews on your smartphone with no data roaming charges!
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