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3 Time-Saving Grocery List Apps Moms Love  by LanaLang

LanaLang says: Shopping with kids can be a nightmare if it takes much time. The iPhone apps I listed below can help moms save time while shopping. Instead of using pen and paper, these grocery list apps come with preloaded food categories, and you can quickly add items to your list.
LanaLang's picks
  1. Grocery Shopping List Pro
    Grocery Shopping List Pro My favorite grocery list app which is simple, fast and easy to use. The app includes built-in 15 food categories which you can add, edit, re-order or change colors to. The option to send a grocery list via SMS or email to a family member is very useful.
  2. Grocery iQ
    Grocery iQ Grocery IQ lets you add items to your shopping list by typing, scanning barcodes or simply talking. You can also access coupons and find nearby grocery stores.
  3. Shopping List (Grocery List)
    Shopping List (Grocery List) This app comes with many of the features mentioned in the apps above, but it has one very neat feature that sets it apart: it calculates the total amount of your shopping list (incl. your local tax).



Hey, would love if you checked out my app called 'Fridge Pal'. It does what these other apps do but also lets you scan barcodes to create a home inventory + plan meals you want to cook throughout the week.

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Osta - Grocery Aide
Coming soon to App Store

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