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Students  by lydia2

lydia2 says: I'm making this list because I am a student and I use these apps often.
lydia2's picks
  1. B-Rhymes Dictionary
    B-Rhymes Dictionary Just type in a word and this app will give you all of the words that rhyme or sort of rhyme. Very useful and fun!
  2. Adobe Photoshop Express
    Adobe Photoshop Express Ahhhh finally, a few features of Photoshop available on my phone. Just the fact that I have the sharpen tool is awesome. Highly Recommend!
  3. Free Primal Anatomy Quiz
    Free Primal Anatomy Quiz Quiz yourself on the three major systems of the body. Excellent graphics. Informative questions. Recommend!
  4. MIT Mobile
    MIT Mobile Find out everything that is happening at MIT. My favorite feature of this app is the news section. Recommend!
  5. Brilliant Quotes & Quotations
    Brilliant Quotes & Quotations "We have always been shameless about stealing great ideas." Steve Jobs -love this app!
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