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Children High Quality Fun and Education  by Lukidobi

Lukidobi says: I'm looking for the best in animated children's apps. Here are a few that I found and would love to share.
Lukidobi's picks
  1. Kidobi
    Kidobi The safe children's youtube. Free trial and custom playlists. For preschoolers.
  2. Magic Town - Interactive Kid's Stories
    Magic Town - Interactive Kid's Stories The safe children's kindel. Free app, huge library, and great graphics. 0-12
  3. Mr.shape's TouchCard
    Mr.shape's TouchCard Interactive flashcards. Free app with great store options. For preschoolers.
  4. Left Right Pup
    Left Right Pup Quickly get the hang of left and right with this interactive and great quality app. For preschoolers.
  5. LEGO® Movie Maker
    LEGO® Movie Maker Free app. great use of the ipad to make quick and entertaining home movies.
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