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iPhone apps to annoy the people around you  by jenniferalaine

jenniferalaine says: Sometimes it's fun to be annoying. Sometimes it's fun to be the obnoxious one that sneaks up on people and scares them or makes them want to punch you in the face. And when those times occur, these apps will come in mighty handy.
jenniferalaine's picks
  1. Vuvuzela™ 2012
    Vuvuzela™ 2012 There is nothing more annoying than the sound those horn things make during the World Cup games. It's almost unbearable to listen to their hum on TV for 90 minutes, so I cannot imagine hearing the sound in person. HOW ANNOYING!
  2. Air Horn
    Air Horn Everyone loves to hate on the air horn. Poor guy - gets such a bad rap. But you can't deny that it's the original annoying sound!
  3. Kazoo
    Kazoo Take a trip back in time to the 3rd grade birthday parties where you got a party favor bag full of Tootsie rolls and a kazoo. How long were you in the car after the party before your mom confiscated it? I bet she wanted to smack that other mother upside the head...
  4. Annoyance!
    Annoyance! The motherload of annoying sounds -- crying babies, nails on a chalkboard, hiccups, you name it. I'd hate to be on a roadtrip with this application...
  5. Annoying Sounds
    Annoying Sounds One app for everything? I'm in!



Just seeing the word vuvuzela annoys me.

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