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Apps for Gluten-Free Living  by willardroad

willardroad says: I'm "celiac," meaning I have to live gluten-free. But I'm a foodie, a mad scientist in the kitchen, and really enjoy cooking. What to do?? Here are apps I use to help me enjoy food while staying GF.
willardroad's picks
  1. iEatOut Gluten Free & Allergy Free
    iEatOut Gluten Free & Allergy Free You can enter your particular food allergy (gluten in my case) and this app will tell you -- by cuisine! -- which things are safe, which may be a problem, and which should be avoided completely. Excellent guide for anyone with food sensitivities.
  2. Sushipedia™
    Sushipedia™ I have learned to like sushi, but some of the rolls & pieces contain ingredients I can't eat. Along with learning about sushi, the topic, I learn about sushi in terms of what I can eat and what I must avoid. Great app.
  3. Gluten Free LifeStyle
    Gluten Free LifeStyle Excellent, not only for ingredients of brand-name products, but also for it's store-by-store analysis of the "house brands" found in that store. A Must-Have app for those who, like me, must avoid gluten in our food. Get it!
  4. Is That Gluten Free?
    Is That Gluten Free? Hands-down, the best app on the market for staying gluten-free. It's a veritable World Book Encyclopedia of products I can safely eat, as well as those I must avoid. A bit pricey, but once you have it [if you need to stay GF or have a child who does], you'll recognize its worth. Paying for the app *far* outweighs the risks of getting sick! This app is on my Great App short list.
  5. Gluten Free Restaurant Cards from (Coeliac/Celiac Disease)
    Gluten Free Restaurant Cards from (Coeliac/Celiac Disease) Simple concept: You travel someplace where they speak another language, but you're celiac and MUST tell the waiter you need to eat gluten-free. What to do? Whip out the GF Restaurant Cards app. Pick the language. Show the waiter the message displayed on the screen... in his/her own language, it will tell them you must eat gluten-free, and briefly explains what that means. Must-have app for those who need to eat GF and love to travel.
  6. The Betty Crocker Cookbook – Kitchen-Tested Recipes
    The Betty Crocker Cookbook – Kitchen-Tested Recipes What to make for dinner? Let Betty help. New healthy recipes and gluten-free entries make this a winner for me. Another must-have for foodies and the health-conscious.



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Here is a recommendation of a brand new cookbook app for iPhone iPod touch and iPad, it's called "Gluten free in the kitchen", almost all the recipes are of dish and desserts that would normally have gluten.
Plus all recipes are Lactose free (optionally), and alternatively sweetened ( using agave syrup and/or palm sugar)
Therefore much healthier than the non-glutenfree equivalent.
Price is low, and updates are coming.

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