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House Cleaning Apps  by jessicadally

jessicadally says: Need help getting your house cleaned? Sadly these apps won't do the work for you but they may well help you get organized and get it done.
jessicadally's picks
  1. Clean My House!
    Clean My House! So this app isn't for anyone who doesn't want God's help with cleaning as the app references God here and there. And that's a huge part of what makes this app different. It's not just about getting organized but also about positive thinking and other mental rearrangement purported to turn cleaning into something you really want to do.
  2. Clean Freak Cleaning Schedule
    Clean Freak Cleaning Schedule A very detailed app that will help you schedule all the different cleaning tasks you have for your home. Not only that but it will trak how long it's been since you last did a given task. Requires a bit of set up but might be worth it if you're really needing help.
  3. Custom Hypnosis: House Cleaning Edition
    Custom Hypnosis: House Cleaning Edition Hypnotize yourself to cleaning. Apparently this app will make you love cleaning... and maybe sell you a bridge?
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