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Tax Time!   by jessicadally

jessicadally says: OK, for most of you it's not tax time yet but for those of us who wind up paying a little each year it's definitely tax time, or at least time to determine how much we might owe. These are the apps for that.
jessicadally's picks
  1. IRS2Go
    IRS2Go I love that you can check the status of your return with this app. Better yet this is free and will help you with your taxes too and it's from the folks who (in theory) should know the true rules for taxes.
  2. TaxCaster – Free tax refund calculator
    TaxCaster – Free tax refund calculator In theory I could use this app to estimate my taxes rather than doing them so early but frankly I'll likely just do them. If your taxes aren't very complicated this could let you know what you owe or what you're getting back.
  3. Tax Central
    Tax Central This is H&R Block's app. Usually I use both of the main programs to see if I get different results. These apps won't help but they may give me insight into doing my complicated taxes on my own for the first time in a few years.
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