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Pass on These 2011  by lydia2

lydia2 says: You probably want to pass on these 2012 as well, unless the developer has made some series changes. Suggestions Welcome!
lydia2's picks
  1. Hands Heater
    Hands Heater I haven't really noticed any heat coming from this app. I don't think it works. Wishful thinking, I guess?
  2. Snake Classic
    Snake Classic Eat the dots without crashing the snake. I think this game could be fun for kids, but I didn't find it too exciting.
  3. Arcade Bear Hunter FREE
    Arcade Bear Hunter FREE Pass on this game. You just shake your iphone up and down. It fires a shot and tells you that you are a great hunter. PASS.
  4. Siege Hero
    Siege Hero This app is very similar to Angry Birds, not so impressed.
  5. Tampon Toss
    Tampon Toss * Yes, I downloaded this app simply for the name and because I could not believe it. Yes, if I could have, I would have thrown a tampon at my high-school principle.
  6. USA Immigration
    USA Immigration I really want to like this app. This is their objective statement "Our objective is to provide you the latest processing times and information for USA immigration." Unfortunately, it's not quite there yet. I found it very hard to get any useful information. I remain hopeful. Good luck!
  7. Eyes
    Eyes Exactly as advertised! This pair of eyes stares back at you from your iPhone and will follow your finger.
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