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iPad Apps For The Gardener  by justatitch

justatitch says: I'm thinking about starting a garden for the second year in a row. Last year I was fairly successful. This year, I'm hoping my iPad will help me be even better.
justatitch's picks
  1. Garden Tracker - Bumper Crop
    Garden Tracker - Bumper Crop If you're lucky enough to have a space for planting in the ground, this app will allow you to design your garden and then provide watering times, planting depth and other key information for maximum gardening success!
  2. iGrowIt
    iGrowIt This is probably the best gardening app I've seen for the iPad. It helps you know when to plant, what to plant and even when to eat the fruits of your labor.
  3. Garden Plants Database
    Garden Plants Database This app is for the science-minded, advanced gardener; however, it does offer excellent tips on horticulture and denotes what growing zones most plants would be successful in. A handy reference for any green thumb.



Nice. Thanks for this list. I'm in the midst of my first spring in a house I bought last fall and I'm still trying to figure out the sunlight patterns and soil quality--so different than my last house--lots of towering fir trees and shade. I feel doomed to hostas all over the place.

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Hi justatich -

Here's a new top-selling garden app for your iPad - Landscaper's Companion for iPad -

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