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Apps for the Nikon D7000 Owner  by agentcoco

agentcoco says: After a particularly bad week I had a moment of weakness and bought myself a rather expensive toy: The Nikon D7000. It's amazing and these apps help make it even cooler...
agentcoco's picks
  1. Nikon Learn & Explore - photo tips, techniques and terms
    Nikon Learn & Explore - photo tips, techniques and terms This official app from Nikon is a huge resource for Nikon owners and best of all it's free. This app gives tips on how to get the look you want in a photograph and labels its articles to show whether they are aimed at beginners or advanced photographers. A definite must have for nikon owners.
  2. gps4cam - Geotag Your Photos
    gps4cam - Geotag Your Photos I love geotagged photographs, but Im not fond of the $150 price tag on the adaptor needed for my Nikon D7000. Instead I bought this app which makes it really easy to geotag your images by letting the program (desktop client needed as well) work its magic by syncing the data recorded on the phone via a barcode the program creates onto the images. Simple to use and awesome to have.
  3. DSLR.Bot
    DSLR.Bot This app requires an IR transmitter for your iphone which you can either buy from DSLR.Bot's website or make your own with cheap supplies from RadioShack. Basically this turns your phone into a sophisticated remote control for your camera which you can use to shoot long exposure, bracket your shots for HDR or for Timelapse movies and much more. Really a powerful tool for your camera!
  4. Nikon Lenses
    Nikon Lenses This free app helps you navigate all the lenses Nikon offers and links popular photo sources that review the lenses. A great easy way to figure out what you're looking for and it's free!
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