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Favorite Business Travel Apps  by ruby

ruby says: I travel about 25% of the time within the US, and I've found myself returning to same apps that help make my trips more productive.
ruby's picks
  1. NetNewsWire
    NetNewsWire Let's me stay current with all my news feeds, whether they are industry-specific trade publications, or major blogs or news sites.
  2. AroundMe
    AroundMe When I have time to kill, I may be looking for someplace to buy gas, grab a meal, kill time in a hotel lobby, or shop for my kids.
  3. Things
    Things Keeps me productive! I synch this app with it's desktop counterpart, so it becomes quite useful for me when I'm in meetings and need to have my references on hand without cracking open my laptop. Great to taking notes on a plane or in a car (not while driving!).
  4. Free Wi-Fi
    Free Wi-Fi Works as designed - sometimes I'm just tired of having to pay that daily WiFi fee, so Free Wi-Fi delivers on finding those spots for connected goodness.
  5. AAA Mobile
    AAA Mobile AAA still has the best travel discounts around! I recently restarted my AAA membership just to get this app. I've saved hundreds of dollars by using this app to save on hotel bills alone.



How about World Flights: Live departure and arrival information for every single flight in any given airport in the World. Fast, easy, intuitive and very low price: the best flight tracking application on the Appstore.

I travel around the World once a month and built this mighty little app to keep track of my flights or find me some quick alternatives in case of delays or cancellations.

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