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Best Sex Apps  by agentcoco

agentcoco says: Feel the need to spice things up in the bedroom? Downloading these apps can't hurt!
agentcoco's picks
  1. iKamasutra - Sex Positions from Kama Sutra and beyond Kamasutra
    iKamasutra - Sex Positions from Kama Sutra and beyond Kamasutra Getting bored with the same old positions? This app lists, depicts and describes several exciting Kama Sutra apps to spice things up!
  2. 69 Positions - Sex Positions of Kamasutra
    69 Positions - Sex Positions of Kamasutra This sexy times app gives you several positions (69 to be exact) to that will inspire you to try new things in bed.
  3. Sex Bible
    Sex Bible This app not only gives you new positions to try out, but also lists tips to make le sex even sexier. This app also throws in some funny sex jokes for kicks.



Boogie sex app:iBoogie -
- Keep track of all your dates, rate them, keep then in your archive
- Boogie woogie times play music while doing it.
- Keeps track of your performance in bed
- Safe and private - bought by many
-Creates stats of all your sexual history -- keep track on how you evolve
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- Great Sex bucket list
- Allows couples to share their desires with a Yes, No, Maybe, favorite, priority classification
- create your own sex activities to share with your partner.
- provides lots of inspiration for the bedroom and beyond.
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