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Kid Apps September 2011  by lydia2

lydia2 says: If you usually like my picks, check these out!
lydia2's picks
  1. Miss Spider's Tea Party
    Miss Spider's Tea Party This is an awesome interactive story book or you can have the animated story read to you. It also includes games. Cute! Highly Recommend!
  2. Toca Hair Salon
    Toca Hair Salon Choose a character. Cut and style their hair to their liking. Fun! And much better than actually cutting off your brother's or your sister's hair. Recommend!
  3. Feed the Walrus
    Feed the Walrus Help the Walrus catch all of the food thrown by the penguins. Fun!
  4. Turbo Duck
    Turbo Duck Using the accelerometer in your phone, help the duck to collect as many flags as possible. Great for Kids. Fun!
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