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5 Apps for Personal Growth and Spirituality  by AppSage

AppSage says: I usually spend my time surfing the App Store trying to find the perfect productivity app, but what's the point of productivity if you're not growing on the inside too? The iPad has some wonderful apps which let you take a breather during the day, and help you focus on yourself for a couple minutes -- leaving you recharged and refreshed.
AppSage's picks
  1. I Ching HD
    I Ching HD For those who aren't familiar with the I Ching, or "The Book of Changes" as it is known in China -- it's a 4000 year old book of ancient philosophy and wisdom. The book is never read sequentially. Instead, users toss coins (in this case, virtual coins on your iPad screen) and the appropriate passage from the book of changes "answers" your question. Skeptical? I was too. But the amount of wisdom contained in these pages is nothing short of amazing. Anything that's lasted for 4000 years, and still read every day by hundreds of millions of people is probably worth checking out! Fortunately, I Ching Explorer not only features a very easy to understand translation of the original text, but features beautiful graphics, animation and a rich soundtrack. Check it out. Toss the coins for yourself, and prepare to be amazed.
  2. Meditate - Meditation Timer
    Meditate - Meditation Timer Do you meditate? I'm just beginning to, and I'm by no means an expert -- but already I can feel how much extra energy and mental focus it gives me. The Meditate - Meditation Timer lets you set timed events for your meditation cycle: Prep time, repeating intervals, cool-down time, etc. You can track your meditation statistics over the course of days -- and the app will even handle interruptions (for those of us who live in the real world -- not some Tibetan monestary) and recover the session at a later time.
  3. Stress Free with Deepak Chopra
    Stress Free with Deepak Chopra For Deepak Chopra fans out there, "Stress Free" is Chopra's first iPad app. The app is designed to reduce daily stress through a powerful holistic approach. Chopra is a wonderful coach, and everyone can learn from these 6 simple lessons, how to release yourself from stress and become more productive and fulfilled.
  4. iBlueSky (mindmapping)
    iBlueSky (mindmapping) iBlueSky is a mindmapping application for iPhone and iPad that lets you explore your thoughts on a subject, and visually map your train of thought. This amazing tool will not only refine the way you think -- but will produce powerful results on creative projects of all kinds, as you learn to think outside the box -- and to push forward in multiple directions.
  5. Self Help Classics - success, self growth & inspiration books
    Self Help Classics - success, self growth & inspiration books Self Help Classics is a great value. Contained in this one app are 30 complete books from history's greatest masters of personal development , including: Dale Carnegie, Napoleon Hill, Seneca, Benjamin Franklin and more. This app could easily be worth $100 or more, with each of these timeless texts. There's nothing like having these at your fingertips all day long.



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