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Games that make my brain spin  by jenniferalaine

jenniferalaine says: I like riddles and puzzles and tricky things, so when my little cousins dared my dad to take some Idiot Test or Impossible Test or Moron Test, I was intrigued. So I got them all, and then my brain exploded because I JUST CANNOT FIGURE THEM OUT.
jenniferalaine's picks
  1. Doodle Jump
    Doodle Jump I know everyone raves about this game -- it even has it in the title. But seriously? I CANNOT FIGURE IT OUT. I get excited easily and always end up overcorrecting. If this was any indication of my driving abilities, never get into a car with me.
  2. Impossible Test
    Impossible Test It claims to be impossible, and I'm a sucker for a challenge. I did manage to beat this one, although I have to confess I googled a couple of the answers because I'm a cheater like that.
  3. The Moron Test
    The Moron Test This is the game that started it all in my family: my 10 year old twin cousins tricked my dad into playing and 2 hours later he was finally getting the hang of it. I can only play in 5 minutes intervals though because I HATE BEING WRONG.
  4. The Impossible Quiz!
    The Impossible Quiz! This one really is impossible. Seriously. Like, the only strategy is trial and error because sometimes the right answer is the wrong answer but you have no idea that wrong is right until you answer right but it's wrong. Get it? Me neither.
  5. Unblock Me FREE
    Unblock Me FREE One of these things is not like the other... Okay so this game's intention isn't to make me feel stupid, but it does anyway. Seriously. Even the free version of the app shamed my puzzle solving skills. (I got the hang of it eventually and now I rock at this game, in case you were wondering.)



I'm curious as to how much time you took to *ahem*, "research" the apps for this list. "An embarassing amount" is an acceptable answer. ;) These look like fun. Almost makes me wish I had an iPhone.

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