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Top 5 Special Education Apps  by egolfer6

egolfer6 says: I am a speech-language pathologist, assistive technology specialist, and an app developer. I decided to make this page to inform others about special education apps for the iPhone and iPod touch.
egolfer6's picks
  1. Proloquo2Go - Symbol-based AAC
    Proloquo2Go - Symbol-based AAC Proloquo2Go is the best app to augment communication for students who are non-verbal.
  2. Wheels on the Bus
    Wheels on the Bus Wheels on the Bus is the best song and interactive reading app.
  3. Dragon Dictation
    Dragon Dictation Dragon Dictation is the best voice recognition app to facilitate the writing process.
  4. Percentally
    Percentally Percentally is the best app to collect data for special education goals.
  5. iReward
    iReward iReward is the best app to reinforce good behavior.



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The new Click N Colour App has a great Art Alphabet with artwork in each letter.... great for older kids, teen and adults. There are also 20 70's style designs - really different.

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Check out this cute app called Alien Buddies. It is free today so you have nothing to lose!

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I am using different apps for my work as i belong to accounting so i am using its apps.

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I think student from around the world are using such apps for getting their education as their educational needs are increasing day by day and they focus on online education and they don't want traditional classes to invest their and money.

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