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Agribusiness Apps  by inetsgi

inetsgi says: I help design app interfaces. I want to share some useful apps we have created for a niche community in agribusiness. Many of the apps have useful features for anyone.
inetsgi's picks
  1. Farm Progress
    Farm Progress Very useful weather section. If your involved in agribusiness the news and quotes section is great too.
  2. Growing Degree Days
    Growing Degree Days Detailed weather for anyone but a highly useful agriculture metric for growing your crops called, growing degree days.
  3. Brownfield Mobile
    Brownfield Mobile Very detailed weather section. If your in the agriculture industry the news and quotes section very helpful. They also have audio reports that are easy to listen to on the go.
  4. NAMA
    NAMA Very handy resource if you ever attend the NAMA convention in Kansas City.
  5. RevalorĀ® Fed Cattle Day Calculator
    RevalorĀ® Fed Cattle Day Calculator Handy application for cattle farmers.
  6. Beef Producer
    Beef Producer News and market quotes tailored to the beef industry. If you raise livestock, this app gets to the point for the info you need.
  7. Beef Market Central with Cattle Market Central for iPad
    Beef Market Central with Cattle Market Central for iPad An all inclusive market app for the cattle industry. Focused and very helpful for those that are in the beef industry.
  8. Farm Futures
    Farm Futures Market focused app for agri-business. Provides the essentials for understanding the ag market with; news, commentary, blogs, audio commentary and quotes.
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