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9 Apps for Printing Photos Directly from your iPhone!   by elysa

elysa says: since day one of having my iPhone (back in the 2g days) I have been an iphotographer. Now that I have the iPhone 4 and apps like Instagram and others that allow me to filter and crop my photos I have some pretty nice photos living on my phone. Most of these photos make their way onto Facebook - and when I remember they are backed up on my computer. BUT I had never thought to look for apps that would allow me to print directly from the phone. Any app that can save me the step of iPhone to computer to XYZ wins cool points in my book! And so, I'm excited to present you with 9 apps that will help you order real life prints of your photos. Have I missed any?
elysa's picks
  1. Walgreens - Pharmacy, Coupons, Print Photos, Clinic, and Shopping
    Walgreens - Pharmacy, Coupons, Print Photos, Clinic, and Shopping I'm listing this app first because of it's versatility. Photos: you have the option of uploading photos (multiple) from your camera roll or using the camera - you can also upload to Facebook & Walgreens inside this app. After uploading your photos easily order prints with a big "Print & Share" bottom. The checkout process on the photo is pretty seamless! I was impressed. In addition to cheap photo printing the Walgreen's app also has so cool features related to the Walgreen's store - such as barcode scanning to renew your prescription, view weekly af sheets, create a shopping list, and shop the Walgreen's online store. I think I might just order contact solution with my next photo order.
  2. LifePics
    LifePics LifePics lets you order prints from several local stores on their network - Photofinisher Network. According to their website there are over 12,000 stores located all over the world. Office Depot and Ritz/Wolf Camera are the closest for me. The singup and photo upload process is pretty simple. The app uses your GPS to find local stores near you that you can order photos from. You can also use this app easily while traveling just use the "Get Location" option to find stores on the go. The prices range based on which retailer you pick inside the app so it might be worth viewing options. 4x6 at Office Depot run $0.15 each.
  3. Photo Prints
    Photo Prints If you want the option of ordering photos and having them shipped to you rather than picking them up at a local store Photo Prints may be for you. The price per photo is a little high for my tastes but they do advertise that they are a time saving option for people who need to mail photos to multiple people.
  4. PostalPix Photo Prints
    PostalPix Photo Prints Instagram folks will be excited to know that PostalPix offers square printing options! 4"x4" photos start at 21 cents. PostalPix currently offers 4x6 standard prints, 4x4 square prints, 8x10 poster prints, and mouse pads. Pricing for their prints is quite competitive to local drug stores if you are order multiple photos and I was very impressed with the shipping costs. Nice usability in the app. I think this solution is great for on the go professionals and parents too busy to run to the store.
  5. iPrintMe
    iPrintMe now that we know you can print photos from your iPhone why stop at that. How about printing on a canvas? iPrintMe has 3 size options on canvas prints starting at 9"x12" @ $39
  6. Print it Up - Accordion photo album prints
    Print it Up - Accordion photo album prints This seems like a fun gift option. Create a personalized accordion of 6 of your images. The final product is folded into a credit card sized display - great for grandparents carrying photos in a wallet perhaps.
  7. Shutterfly - Prints, Photo Books, Gifts & Unlimited Storage
    Shutterfly - Prints, Photo Books, Gifts & Unlimited Storage Shutterfly is a popular photo sharing site that provides a large number of personalized photo gifts- calendars, photo books, coffee mugs, calendars and more. I am assuming because of the diversity of their photo offers that is why Shutterfly opted not to add the Cart/Order process directly in the app. But you can upload your iPhone photos into your shared Shutterfly albums from the phone or using the camera directly. Shutterfly offers discounts and promotions frequently so I'd recommend this option for parents who will be printing multiple copies and ordering photo gifts from photos of their little ones.
  8. Snapfish: Print your photos & create gifts
    Snapfish: Print your photos & create gifts Snapfish is similiar to Shutterfly in that you can order customized gifts from your photos. The app allows you to add photos to your albums and download existing photos from your online album onto your phone. The multiple upload feature worked pretty quickly. Perhaps a photo book of your instagram photos might make a fun coffee table book! *in app photo ordering is not available
  9. CVS Photo
    CVS Photo there is a CVS less than a mile from my house. So CVS photo center is my go-to photo printing source. Until I discovered this app I saved photos from my iPhone to my computer then ordered prints on CVS website for pick-up at their 1 hour printing station. With the app I can now upload photos (albeit 1 at a time) to my account. It does appear I have to actually "order" from a computer but getting the photos in the album saves a lot of time. BONUS: if you don't already have an account you can sign-up at and receive 25 free prints.



Great practical list! I notice so far this list has 16 shares on Facebook - great start.

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Great list. Thank you.

I'd like to add that Walmart has an app. It's called 'WM Photos' but I don't think (know) if you can have the photos mailed.

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Canvas Print is another app I use for printing.

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MIXTILES! Easiest way to get your Instagram pictures up on your wall without hammers and nails. They got this wallsafe glue that lets you move them from wall to wall if you want to. Pretty cool! I like the black framing too.

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Try @Printicular for iOS and Android. You get 25% off for a limited time when you use the promo code: PARTNER25 upon checkout.
Android app link:
iOS app link:

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Check out Rectangle in the App Store. They don't do any small prints, but rather focus on larger poster prints: from 9"x12" to 24"x32". They also offer Instagram integration and print "Pictoblocks" - great for gifts. Check them out:

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Which app prints the best quality. I printed iphone pictures to Walmart and they turned out horrible.

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2.5 years after your original post...I just discovered Kicksend. It prints to Walgreens, CVS and Target.

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I recently downloaded the Walgreens App and it was super easy to get a couple pictures from my phone quickly printed out. If you have 40-100 pictures that you would like to get printed from your phone and shipped to your house (in 5-10 days) with a cool little photo book try the App Groovebook. Its only 2.99, I saw it on Sharktank and have ordered 2 so far. Cheap and easy!

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