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Most Entertaining Apps  by Gabellini

Gabellini says: Who doesn't like to be entertained?
Gabellini's picks
  1. Finger Drums
    Finger Drums There are many different fingerdrum Apps but this one is the loudest and that's really all that matters
  2. Dog Whistle Free
    Dog Whistle Free I never get tired of making dogs freak when people walk them past my house
  3. FatBooth
    FatBooth I know that I'm a bad person for saying this app is funny and it's rather scary to see what people would look like if they were really fat, but it's really entertaining
  4. The Moron Test: Old School
    The Moron Test: Old School once you memorize all the different questions and answers it stops being so entertaining but for a while it's fun to see how smart you are and how many times you'll botch certain questions.
  5. Ow My Balls!
    Ow My Balls! This crude game never ceases to entertain me, since seeing someone, even a character, get his nuts smashes is always hilarious
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