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Apps for Those Following A Paleo Diet  by justatitch

justatitch says: Apps for those adhering to a Paleo diet.
justatitch's picks
  1. Paleo Spinner
    Paleo Spinner Start with an ingredient (a protein or veggie) and let the "spinners" decide a whole meal for you.
  2. PaleoGoGo
    PaleoGoGo Finding Paleo options in restaurants is tough; this app lets you find entrees in hundreds of restaurants that work for your diet.
  3. Primal Feed
    Primal Feed This app aggregates all blogs that update Paleo information, making it easy to stay up to date on research and recipes.



Hey justatitch, when you have chance check out Food RX. Here is a code for a free download: (if someone else takes it email me and ill send you one)

Food RX is an app for paleo and zone dieters. FOr more info. check out the website:

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Hey, foodrxapp, I will be starting The paleo diet and would be nice to test your App. If it is fine, I would share word @ My crossfit place.

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