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More PreK-Grade2 Apps  by gberthiaume

gberthiaume says: As a primary teacher, I love finding apps for young students.
gberthiaume's picks
  1. Jirbo Match : Child Development Edition
    Jirbo Match : Child Development Edition Students love this app.
  2. Letter Tracer preschool letters writing practice
    Letter Tracer preschool letters writing practice Students can practice writing letters.
  3. Pocket Fish
    Pocket Fish Kids can interact with fish.
  4. Says for Kids
    Says for Kids This is a great app for working on memory and paying attention.
  5. See Read Say
    See Read Say Students can practice vocabulary.
  6. Word Bubbles
    Word Bubbles Students practice unscrambling words.
  7. Toy Story Photo - Update!
    Toy Story Photo - Update! Students look carefully at details to find the differences.
  8. weesay ABC
    weesay ABC Students practice letters and sounds.
  9. Wheels on the Bus
    Wheels on the Bus Students love to interact with this app
  10. Whiteboard: Collaborative Drawing
    Whiteboard: Collaborative Drawing Students can create collaborative drawings.
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