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Apps For International Texting  by justatitch

justatitch says: These apps let you text internationally for free.
justatitch's picks
  1. iText ★ Free Texting SMS MMS
    iText ★ Free Texting SMS MMS Using this app, you can send international texts to other users with this app.
  2. WhatsApp Messenger
    WhatsApp Messenger This app also allows two users with the same app to text for free.
  3. HeyWire Text Free + Meme Texting
    HeyWire Text Free + Meme Texting Allows you to text, Facebook chat, Gchat, etc. for free!



TigerText is also free international texting and just added group texting to their updated app. And they have a cool feature where you can recall a text if you ever have a typo or send it to the wrong person.
Check it out:

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