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Cheers for Beer:Apps for finding the best beers!  by agentcoco

agentcoco says: Beer has been given more credit in recent years in the sense that you can be a beer snob as well. Here are some beer apps to gain the sudsy knowledge to graduate past keg parties.
agentcoco's picks
  1. BeerUniverse
    BeerUniverse Though the design leaves much to be desired, this is a comprehensive guide to learning and discovering new beers.
  2. Find Craft Beer
    Find Craft Beer So your favorite sports bar only served Bud Light. What's a beer lover to do to find the good stuff? Download this app and find where all the craft beer places are near you. Not particularly helpful if you live in a dry town though!
  3. Beer Ratings Guide
    Beer Ratings Guide A good app for looking up reviews of a beer you're thinking of trying. A well designed app with honest user submitted reviews which you can then contribute your own thoughts.
  4. BrewGene
    BrewGene Another beer deciding app that's informative, well designed and best of all free. What are you waiting for? Download this app!



Hey There,

Nice list - we'd love for you to consider our app, The Beer Expert, for it as well:

Its basic premise is giving you all the vital statistics of the beer you're wondering about and is front of you NOW. And with its inherent database of over 300,000 beers, spanning the entire planet, it's quite simply the best app in the world at what it does.

Thanks for considering The Beer Expert for your next list!


Matt Simpson
The Beer Sommelier ®, LLC
"My Cellar of Expertise to Your Table of Knowledge"

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Cool, I will check it out for my next beer list! Thank you!

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